I Have A Diabetes Detecting Dog

A few days ago I happened upon this article:


It is about a diabetic woman who adopted a cat. The night she brought it home, she had a seizure from going low and the cat woke her son up and saved her life. I immediately shared this on Facebook and thought it was so amazing! Little did I know how coincidental it would be that I read that just before last night.

Today is the “weekerversary” of me getting the factually most awesome puppy that has ever existed.

Obviously the best dog ever.

So last night/early this morning…around 4 a.m. Addy is being hysterical. She is only 11 weeks old, but I was surprised because she has slept through the night every night since the night we got her. I tried to ignore her, as we are crate training her and you’re supposed to make them hold it. However, after 20 minutes or so of her hysterics, I reluctantly got up to walk her. So we go outside and she is not peeing or pooping or anything, she’s just barking at me. And I’m thinking, “I got up and came out here so you can bark at me…?!?!” And then all of a sudden, I felt really dizzy and I realized that my sugar was low. I brought Addy inside and grabbed my meter. It was 62, not extreme. However, I hadn’t noticed or woken up at all, but Addy had been freaking out in her crate for 20 minutes! And as soon as I ate the glucose tabs and got back into bed she immediately went back to sleep and slept through the rest of the night! I looked up diabetes detection in dogs as I have heard that dogs can detect seizures in the past. And it turns out dogs like that do exist, and usually they are trained to do that sort of thing. But it looks like Addy already figured it out!! Now I have just another reason to be even more in love with her than I already was!

Looking out for each other.

If you want your very own diabetes dog, I found this cool website:



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  1. aaeschwiebert
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 10:41:08

    Sounds like your little Addy is a natural alerter. With proper training you could make him a fully public access service dog and he could tell you your blood sugars everywhere you go, if that is the sort of thing that would fit your lifestyle and you’d find to be helpful. Owner trained service dogs are perfectly valid and I’ll be happy to tell you- totally amazing. Or you could just train some things on his freaking out (like licking your hand for a high and pawing you for a low or even getting your meter and glucose when he alerts) and he’d probably be a great in home service dog. I’m really glad to hear you’re paired with an alerter either way, they are life savers and you can sleep more soundly knowing a dog will tell you if you have a dangerous low in the middle of the night.


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