Cruising on Monday

I leave on Monday for a spring break cruise to the Bahamas with 16 other people, about half of whom I know. Its my last spring break in college so I’m looking forward to it. I am excited about graduation, because though I can imagine my future jobs will be stressful, I am really overwhelmed with the amount of work I have done in the past year. I co-authored a doctoral thesis, ran three independent studies (one in French), was a research assistant in a lab, and kept up with regular schoolwork during and after my hospitalization and diabetes diagnosis. At least when I have a job, I won’t be planning out exhaustive 30 page papers.

I’ve been on cruises before so I’m not really stressing about packing or anything. I am not taking my insulin pump and plan to use pen injections the whole time I am there. My roommate on the ship is a diabetic on injections and my diabuddy is going too. We were joking that security is not going to let us on since our party will have so many needles it will be suspicious.

Nick works full time so he won’t be going. I think this is the first time in our entire relationship where we will go this long with out speaking because I won’t really have any way of communicating with him on the ship. *sigh* I wish he was coming.

I’m nervous about feeling sick the whole time because I am a vegetarian and a diabetic. Usually with preset menus on cruise ships there is only one veggie option, so no matter the carbs I wont have much choice, unless I skip out on stuff. And I am also nervous about guessing the carb content in all that stuff because none of it has labels and its all probably full of fillers.

Even before my diagnosis, I was always a picky eater. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 9 and I eat about 85% organic. I am extremely picky about diary products and produce. When they sent a nutritionist to talk to me in the hospital and she was trying to be all, “Do you know about whole grains?” I wanted to be like, “This conversation is useless.” But instead I said something along the lines of, “Thank you, yes, actually I’ve been a vegetarian for years and I only eat whole grains.” To which the nutritionist responded, “Well then how the heck did you wind up with diabetes?!?!” Which is when I realized exactly how useless the conversation really was because what kind of nutritionist hired by a hospital to talk to a newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic doesn’t know that it has nothing to do with my personal eating habits?

So anyway, I probably won’t be checking in Monday-Friday. And even though its only been a few days, I will miss you all! This blogging thing has become so addictive so quickly! The positive feedback I have gotten, as well as hearing all these stories that I can relate to has really inspired me!

I guess when I get back I can write up a post about cruising with diabetes. I just hope I don’t feel sick the whole time because of miscalculating my carbs. I’m gonna bring a box of snacks just so I can know exactly what I am putting into my body should my sugar start getting more sea-sick than the rest of me. 😉



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DiabeticallyYours
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 09:30:43

    Have a great time!! Don’t forget your supplies and you’ll be fine!


  2. lovehatediabetes
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 16:35:50

    Awesome! Lucky you. Have a great time 🙂


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