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The next month or two is going to be crazy for me. I hope my head doesn’t fall off. Seriously.

I just got back from my cruise, and I feel like March is already half over. I don’t even know how that happened. I never went to get my blood drawn and I realized I had an endocrinologist appointment this Wednesday so I had to call and reschedule because I usually try to go 2 weeks before my appointment date…so I’ll be getting the blood work done sometime this week…I hope. I have to take my puppy to get her shots too. And I have to get my cat’s medical results back because he has congestive heart failure and I am looking to change his medicine dosage. Everyone in my house and their medical problems need to chill out until after I graduate.

Yea, speaking of which, I graduate from college in less than two months. Approximately two weeks from now I have to go present at a research symposium and I haven’t even started my presentation board. I have to finish writing the thesis that goes along with it and submit it for publication by April 1st. Then I have my actual honor’s thesis (diabetes related) that I need to write and submit for editing the first week of April. I haven’t even gotten my approval to conduct the research back yet…hopefully I will get it this week, because I am seriously cutting it close. this week I am going to try to write the entire introduction and methodology sections so that all I have to worry about are the interviews and data…admittedly the most time consuming part.

Then there’s, you know, actual school work. And I am trying to start my non-profit and get a job.

My house is a mess. I haven’t unpacked. I feel like I am drowning in “to do” lists right now, and to be honest I am not handling it well.

Additionally, I have really been having issues with diabetes lately. I feel like no matter how I manage it, I am always in some kind of pain. With shots, after two weeks, every injection hurt. I rotated between my arms, sides of my stomach, and butt. I am not using most of my stomach right now because I am trying to let scar tissue from my pump heal. And at first I couldn’t feel the injections at all, but I don’t know if I am just really sensitive or something but I started bruising around injection sites. The same basically happens with the pump. The first month or so, I had no problems. After that, just one or two days of having the pump on my butt would cause me constant irritation. I can’t use my stomach as I said, and that is the only area where I have not really had pain which is why I used it so much to begin with. I have tried different infusion sets, but even if they are better for some reasons, they are worse for others.

I use a Medtronic Paradigm. They offer four infusion sets for my pump. I have tried three of them, and I know the fourth one is manually inserted. I manually inserted one that does come with an inserter, but it caused me a lot of anxiety. Additionally the one that I haven’t tried leaves the needle lodged inside of you while you wear it (Sure-T), where as the others are inserted with a needle and then the needle is removed. I don’t feel comfortable keeping a needle in my body for three days at a time.

Here is a link to all the different Medtronic infusion sets:

I have tried the Quick-Set, Silhouette, and Mio. The Quick-Set is the one I have stuck with because I find the certer that comes with it easier to use. Additionally, you don’t actually have to pinch your skin or look at the needle when it is going into you. The Mio is like this as well, but the certer was really annoying to me, and you have to pinch it very hard for the needle to go into yourself. It already takes me a lot to pinch the Quick-Set one, and that one doesn’t take nearly as much effort. The Silhouette is for smaller framed and active people, because since the cannula goes in at an angle, there is less of a chance of it bending or being uncomfortable than with the other two. I have suffered from a bent cannula multiple times because of my small frame. I tried this, but I could feel the cannula under my skin and it created a small bruise that I could not bear to have rub up against anything. I will experience discomfort with the other infusion sets, but I literally wouldn’t even let Nick lay his hand on my stomach with this one.

And I have also been going low a lot lately. Probably because I am so busy, but I hate feeling low. I just feel like, either I am having pain from shots or infusion sets or feeling sick from diabetes in general. It is making me really frustrated, because though I am lucky enough to remember a life with out diabetes, I for some reason keep feeling like it is just going to magically go away because I am clinging on to the memory of that life. And I look at people who have had it for so much longer and wonder that if I am suffering with so many sensitivity problems right now, where will I be in five years?

Diabetes had made me a much stronger person, but I am just at a loss right now of how to alleviate the daily pain I am experiencing from it. I went to see a really awesome pump representative a few weeks ago, which is why I even did the shots in the first place. She suggested trying to insert in my thigh. However, I tried to give myself a shot there and I bled uncontrollably for 15 minutes and it hurt so bad. I have really really muscular legs and I don’t think I can use them.

I know all diabetics deal with these kinds of things. We are a community and we help each other. I just need to find some new spots and methods of dealing with the daily diabetes drama.


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  1. DiabeticallyYours
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 15:32:41

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot of things to think on and lots of stress on your shoulders! I often think that my to-do list will keep on going, like it’s a never-ending reminder that my routine is never going to change HAH!

    One thing struck me in your post, and let me know if I’m just being nosey, but why do you inject with pens if you’ve got a pump? Just curious is all!

    Life (Normal or Diabetic… I remember the “Normal life”, too!) is packed with challenges. You just got to keep running but when you’re exhausted, take a few moments for yourself. Read a book, drink some tea, go out for a walk blasting your music in your ears or just listen to nature. We all have our ways to take a deep breath and bring our stress levels down, chose the one that works for you.

    When I was pregnant, it was the hardest thing ever – diabetic wise-. Constant blood sugar spikes, unknown hypos reasons, sites that just don’t work anymore… And I would get so angry at myself and so anxious about everything! I got kidney stones during and post pregnancy, and I had to go to the ER 10 days before moving, alone at home with a 5 months old baby, because of it.

    Stress doesn’t define who we are. It’s how we are able to overcome the challenges that makes us stand out.

    Keep your head up girl! You’ve got an amazing future ahead of you! I know you can do it and when you feel overwhelmed, find someone to share your worries with. I find that helps a lot! Hey, if you don’t want to “annoy” your close ones with it either, e-mail me! I’ll answer ASAP. Or ASAAAI. (As Soon As Aaden (my 1 year old son) Allows It.)

    ~Valerie Anne


    • divabetic913
      Mar 12, 2012 @ 15:37:22

      Aww thanks it was really helpful to read this!
      I actually go back and forth between the pump and pens. When all my pump cites hurt I do pens and vice versa. It also helps me remember that I am not tied to my pump for the rest of my life. I had a lot of resentment toward ALWAYS having to be hooked up to it, so I like to take little holidays and pull my jeans up with out worrying about tubing.

      And having a baby is way more stressful than what I am going through!! Haha! 🙂


  2. DiabeticallyYours
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 15:45:13

    Ooooh I see!

    I recently was at my friend’s place and forgot an extra infusion set so I had to use needles. It left HUGE bruises on -every- single sites I used for two days, so I know the frustration, but was glad to re-attach myself to my mechanical pancreas. I remember at the beginning I felt the same resentment as you do right now, so I understand! I’ve had my pump since 2008 so now It’s just second nature but I do wish sometimes that I didn’t have that Quick-Set patch on me and catch a glimpse of it every time I hop in the shower!

    And yes. Having a baby is (Amazingly) stressful! But just as my pump, it’s slowly becoming second nature to be a mommy, so the stress is slowly leaving! I think that we all fear Change – finding a new job, graduating, changing!- and that’s the problem. But we go on ahead!


  3. lovehatediabetes
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 16:10:53

    I remember trying to switch up my spots because I got sick of doing it in my stomach and arms. Like you, I tried in my thigh and it left a huge red mark/bump. The red bump lasted a few days and was really painful. I played hockey my entire life, so my legs are beastly. I have a feeling there wasn’t enough fat there for it to be effective and not hurt. I’ve never tried it again! I’ve also never done it in my butt. Maybe I’ll have to try that sometime!


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