Some Recommendations

Here is some stuff that I love! Some of it is diabetes-related, some of it not so much…

Diabetes Related Websites: This blog by Kerri Sparling starts a long time ago, when she was just engaged to now she is married, has a toddler, and works on diabetes related projects every day. I read it while I was in the hospital and it was so helpful to me. This is sort of cool. I used it for a project and was reading over it yesterday when Nick said, “You should definitely put that on your blog. I particularly like how the first insulin pump looked. Check it out! We have come so far!

Imagine that! (Image from I saw this today on I MUST GET THIS ASAP. It was just released on the American market, but I want one soooo much. I hate the bump my pump makes under tight shirts and jeans when I can’t hide it in my bra. And I’ve been saying that pumps should be rechargeable instead of battery operated since I got my pump. I just found this heart-warming and awesome.


I’m obsessed with fashion. So many people ask me where I buy stuff, and most of it is online. Below are some less commonly known websites that I buy a majority of my clothing from. is a British clothing provider. They have great sales and sell everything in “Petite,” “Curvy,” and “Maternity.” So awesome. Scroll down the price bar at the side so that you don’t have to look at stuff you can’t afford! They have the cutest dresses! There is a ton of discounted designer stuff here! Also a British clothing site (I love British clothing). They have such unique fun pieces! I read this daily. It is an Italian fashion blog. I get tons of ideas from her!


I love to cook. I am going to link recipes here that I have made a few times, and they are always good! SO easy and SO good! Nick loves this and it takes five minutes. I usually make us grilled cheese with them and then cut them into little squares and make grilled cheese croutons. This quiche recipe is amazing, and has a really good ratio of cream and egg so I substitute the toppings in it all the time. I have made it with olive tapenade and stuffed olives, roasted peppers and blue cheese, and spinach and feta. Literally you can put anything in it!,1735,132180-251199,00.html A delicious staple, this fettucni alfredo will make it look like you worked really hard to make dinner…but you didn’t. Kugle is something my mom made all the time when I was little. Substitute the pineapple in this recipe for whatever fruit you want, from mixed fruit cocktail to fresh blueberries. Also use truvia or stevia instead of sugar to make is diabetes friendly. This is a Paula Deen recipe (who recently opened up about her Type 2 diagnosis, so its not the healthiest recipe) I take the ham out. Its so good though!

My latest breakfast craze has been:

1 cup plain Greek style yogurt (any brand but I use Chobani)

1/4 cup Ezekiel almond granola

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp cinnamon (which has been shown to stabilize blood sugar:

1/2 banana

handful of blueberries

handful of walnuts

I just mix all of this in a bowl. And I usually bolus 45 carbs for it, though it should have more because the honey and granola alone is that much. I think I just digest it well or something because any time I have bolused 50 or 55 for it I have ended up going low. It is DELICIOUS though.

Do you guys have any cool recommendations??


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